Global Fund is an expedient supply for Business and Commercial Funding.

Global Fund, Inc. is a single destination of aggregate resources for all your business and commercial funding needs! We utilize our entire “Family of Business Resources” to provide the highest quality of customer service and delivery. Our core team of lenders, agents, support staff, and loyal clients work cooperatively to guarantee the best possible funding opportunity for your business!

“We custom form the loan to meet each client’s needs!”

Whether you are looking for a Quick Cash Advance to meet payroll this week, or major funding for a multi-million dollar commercial project, we can help secure the capital you need when you need it! We welcome both existing corporations and new start-ups.  We have a funding solution for every business and every situation!

We offer the following loan programs and resources:

Quick Cash


  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Equipment Lease Back
  • Heavy Equipment Financing
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Account Receivable Finance
  • Personal Asset Loan

Business Loans

  • Startup Funding
  • Major Business Loans
  • Small Business Loans
  • Unsecured Finance  Loans
  • Cash Flow Financing
  • Equipment Finance
  • Heavy Equipment Collateral Loan
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Accounts Recieveable Finance
  • Retirement Funding
  • Personal Asset Loans
  • Franchise Funding
  • Church Funding
  • Joint Venture Capital

Commercial Loans


  • Private Money Commercial Loan
  • Business Technical Support Services (FREE)
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Services
  • MBA Consultation Services
  • SEO Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

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